February 27, 2007

I’m good with a sword but I’m hard to get along with, and I can’t hold my liquor – Yoko

Twilight Samurai

If you like your foreign movies or that Samurai business specifically, you should definitely check out Twilight Samurai. A character driven and extremely compelling movie, Twilight isn’t a fight movie but a very subtle exploration of feudal Japan and the demise of the Samurai. This is not a movie about legendary fighters or the myth of the Samurai, but a ground level everyday exploration of life at the bottom of the Samurai food chain. It’s about a simple man (Seibei) with a shit job and a bum deal who loves his family and attempts to find happiness in spite of his hardships. To say much more would be giving away too much. Certainly this is a Samurai film but it’s unlike any other you ever seen. The reality of the Samurai world is explored with a central character who is Samurai but also works as a low level accountant. There are only two fights in the film, one none deadly and the other a miracle of character revelation and film making magnificence. This is a marvelous fucking film. Check it out.


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