Song of the Year A

December 13, 2006

Obie rides out on “Cry Now” sounding as if he’s carried by every musician Detroit has. Perhaps he split them in three parts, a full third blaring away at those horns as if to hasten armageddon, another third banging the drums to shake the earth to it’s core and announce their presence sufficiently and the last portion managing bass strings and the rest of this mini symphony.

Many black men died in 2006 and hip hop had no less than its full share of tragedy. Obie Trice escaped death with bullets in the head and declared his intent to live, manifesto for that life and arrival as a top notch lyricist with this furious hurricane of a track. Hs manifesto veers between extremes, redemption from the drug game in rap, rejection of a violent death and the promise of the same for any who bring it towards him and love for the city where he nearly lost that life. From the first verse:

“The white boy stepped down
So I will accept the crown
Exceptional however never let you down
I Found my new niche no more bricks

So I’m pitchin’ 16’s verbally bitch “
And from the second:

“My exodus will never be from a violent outcome,

I turn exorcist on niggaz wit extra clips
Exit on my ethics is no longer present
X-rays show I was this close to heaven
So for future reference I stay this close to a weapon
Who you testin’ never said I was the best never stressed it
Don’t make me get in my zone
I will own that home though
Metaphorically from where I roam on chrome yo
Detroit for niggaz that’s slow it’s the O”

Yeah, Obie came with it like he meant it and even if his album wasn’t all of that, this song will stand the test of the time. I had another song nominated for song of the year and will still write on it, but when O’s came to mind, I promptly played it 15 times consecutively to confirm for myelf that it is still as good as I remember it being. It is. Listen for yourself: Obie Trice – Cry Now


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