4th Quarter 06- Glorious

October 30, 2006

Nigga, nigga, I’m from Compton, Compton

It’s the home of America’s gangster rap, the place of danger
where the gangsta boogie, the gangsta boogie, the gangsta boogie

where the cops is crooked and them bitches is killers,

and them niggas hold it down like black guerrillas
where the gangsta boogie, the gangsta boogie

nigga, nigga, nigga, I’m from Compton

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the final couple of months of this year. Five albums coming out by four top notch rappers, one legend gone soft and one wannabe gangsta who already has a very good album to his name. These things are leaking like the Bush administration and my hard drive is exploding with regularity. I’m playing Game’s “Compton” for about the hundredth time tonight, and our wannabe gangster, the least proficient of these rappers has created a fucking monster. It’s even more astonishing that it’s produced by Will.I.Am. I can’t tell you how much I despise the Black Eyed Peas or how much I love this track. At this moment, I’m ready to nominate it track of the year and the best West Coast track since Still D.R.E., maybe earlier.

Still to come: Snoop (back in form with the gangsta rap), with Tha Blu Carpet Treatment, Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, Nas’ Hip Hop is Dead and the Clipse with Hell Hath No Fury. 2006 is going to go down as a hell of a year for hip hop if these things hit with any precision.

The Clipse are already guranteed. XXL in XXL and the leaked tracks are all certifiably hot (see “Wamp Wamp” below). Jay-Z faltered out the gate with “Show Me What You Got,” a track even worse than the abomination known as “Change Clothes” but recovered fairly well with “Kingdom Come” and “Lost Ones,” one a nice work of braggadocio and the other a thoughtful examinations of real issues with people, even if the flow is somewhat questionable. Snoop is in fine form with tales of g’s behaving badly in “Vato” and “Gang Bangin 101.” And Nas sounds just fine on “Hip Hop is Dead” even if he is recycling his own beats. He’s also pretty damn nice on Game’s “Why You Hate the Game.”

Which brings us back to Jayceon Taylor, whose album leaked 8 tracks before appearing in its entirety tonight. It’s hot, better than The Documentary and just as perplexing that such a grand album should come from such an okay rapper. But I ain’t complaining. It’s hope that this year is going to end on a fantastic fucking note. Fuck an Idlewild, this is what Hip Hop is supposed to sound like.

4th Quarter Insanity

Clipse – Wamp Wamp

Snoop Dogg – Gangbangin’ 101

The Game – Compton

Clipse – Ain’t Cha

Jay-Z – Kingdom Come

Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead

Jay-Z – Lost Ones

Snoop Dogg ft. B-Real – Vato

All this leaked goodness comes to you courtesy of Eskay, Rizoh and these Smoking fellas.

The Game ft. Nas & Marsha of Floetry – Why You Hate The Game


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