Burn a Stogie to This

October 27, 2006

One of my more succesful mixes, the back story story below is from my old music blog. I’ll be posting more of these, old and new, up as time goes on.

I once worked at a cigar lounge in Montreal. Great place, lots of good people and one of my better experiences working in a bar. The music though, was absolute shit. They had a Dj who considered himself a funny guy but obviously hadn’t bought a new CD since 1999 and they had the worst load of trashy electronica loaded for the times when there was no DJ in the house. Suffice to say, it made working twelve hour shifts a very trying experience. Right after I quit the job, I was sitting at an Egyptian airport with time to burn and I figured I’d try to make a mix of songs that I’d want to listen to if I was going to smoke a really cigar. This is that mix.

Burn a Stogie to this

Smokin WolfTrack list

Howlin’ Wolf – Evil
Ray Charles – What’d I Say Parts I & II
Minutemen – Hit Song
Johnny Cash – Solitary Man
Bob Marley – Concrete Jungle
Jay-Z – Ain’t No Love (Heart of the City)
Dangerdoom – Mince Meat
Handsome Boy Modelling School ft. RZA, Mars Volta & AG
Basement Jaxx – Good Luck
New Age Sleepers – Fade Away
Nina Simone – Sugar In My Bowl


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