Songs that are currently blowing my mind

May 30, 2006

Editors – “All Sparks – Cicada Remix”
The original is pretty good, but this version is just ridiculous.

Beanie Sigel – “What Your Life Like?”
Over the most intriguing beat I’ve heard in a while, Sigel creates the scariest and most hypnotic picture of prison life imaginable. This track from The Truth (2000) is not cheerful, but it shows why Beanie is one of the most important rappers still at it.

Kelis – “About to Hate Me”
For the record, I love Kelis. I will not apologize for it and although this track is more mellow than she usually does it, I find it quite grooving as well.

Obie’s first album was a mostly subpar affair, with too many Eminem appearances and the lack of focus that seems to afflict every new artist trying to break into hip hop world. Shall we attend to the streets, or make club records? How many guest appearances can we squeeze onto the album? You’d think these people never heard Illmatic. Obie’s found gold in the wildnerness though. Every track he’s produced in that strange limbo between debut and sophomore album has been fierce and focused, and these are two of the finest and most recent. “Cry Now” features crashing horns and guitars, with the bass propelling things and Obie in full storytelling mood with a vicious and relentless flow. That one gets the blood boiling and with it’s slower pace, “Black Boy” doesn’t do much to cool that ardour. The horns lead on this one again, with some weird synths in the backgrounds just for variety and Obie on about life in the street. Definitely looking forward to this album.

Obie Trice – “Black Boy”
Obie Trice – “Cry Now”


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