Spank rock

May 3, 2006

What is this, “Darling Nikki” for the new millenium?

“Ass shaking competition champ, ooh that pussy gets damp, pump, pump, pump that”

My mum hears me listening to this and she’ll probably try to ground me. The music is fun though. For some reason I’ve been obssesed with all this simplistic dance music lately. Strip the music down to some enigmatic basics, kick up the bass, throw in the dirty lyrics and I’ll probably bump it. Hell, I’m still listening to the Caps and Jones mix from February that has everyone from Too Short to Luke and D4L. Anyway here are a few tracks from the man who brought you “Put that pussy on me.” Spank Rock was in town last week too and I would have liked to watch the room get insane and nasty, but it’s pretty much impossible to make it to every show you want to see in this city. Anyway, go rock that.

Backyard Betty
Coke & Wet
Touch Me


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